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How to Use Twitter to Get a College Baseball Scholarship

How twitter can help you get a baseball scholarship

If you are reading this, we are going to presume that you already have a twitter profile. In the world of baseball you’d be hard pressed to find a player or coach who doesn’t. It is a great platform to get yourself recruited if you know how to use it to your advantage. The best strategy when it comes to getting yourself recruited is to be specific and, only target coaches who are recruiting your position. This way you will have a higher rate of success and the college coaches you contact are more likely to communicate back.


What we mean by this is – are there any posts that you would prefer college coaches not to see? If the answer is yes, then it is advisable to hide or delete those posts. College coaches follow potential recruits on twitter to get an insight into how serious of a player you are, what interests you have and what are your dominant characteristics. You should look at your twitter profile like it is your baseball resume. Your twitter profile will be the college coach’s first impression of you, so keep this in mind.

What type of twitter posts will help you get recruited: video highlights of your recent games, positive posts about your participation in a tournaments, team pictures, good stats from a great game, recent news write-up retweets etc.


Once you have reviewed your twitter profile and everything looks good, the first thing you should do is find all the schools who are recruiting your position. Identifying all the baseball programs who are looking for a player like you will utilize your time so you don’t waste a second. Once you have done this, you can now go to your twitter profile and find the college coaches on twitter and follow them.

Here some ways you can locate a college coach on twitter:

  • Click on the opening to copy and paste the name of the college coach looking for players, then paste his name into twitter to locate his profile.
  • Use the baseball quick link in the opening to go to the coaches page, sometimes they will have their twitter handle available for you to click through and follow.


If you’re looking to improve your twitter profile to maximize your chances of being recruited, we have put together some useful tips. These tips are for those who have a twitter account and those who are just creating their twitter account.

  1. Sign up for a twitter account
  2. Profile Picture: Choose a clear, sharp profile picture which shows you in your baseball uniform
  3. Banner Picture: Choose a clear, sharp banner picture which shows you are a baseball player, for example: a team picture, you playing in a tournament/high school game, you doing skills work etc.
  4. Complete Your Bio: Include your position, height, weight, grad class, GPA, any awards/accomplishments, stats (to help you stand out from the crowd!)
  5. Location: Select your location so college coaches know where you are from: this might help you get recruited if they are looking for in state players.
  6. Look Real: Make sure you have at least 15 posts on your wall before you contact a college coach.
  7. Be Active: Tweet daily so that your profile is active and doesn’t look fake! This also shows college coaches you are working on getting yourself recruited.